Robotic Surgery Claim Refused by Jury

A jury has rejected a family’s wrongful death claim attached to surgical complications involving the da Vinci surgical robot.

surcigal robot controlsFred Taylor’s family filed the lawsuit claiming that the manufacturer of the surgery equipment failed to properly train the surgeon on how to use it, causing what should have been a routine prostate removal to turn into a 14-hour stretch of surgical mistakes and corrections. Mr. Taylor died four years later.

This week, a 12-person jury found no negligence on the hands of Intuitive Surgical, the robot’s manufacturer. There are more than 2,000 claims against the da Vinci machine, but this is believed to be the first case involving the robot to go to trial.

The da Vinci surgical assistance robot is meant to make surgery less invasive by being able to perform procedures using smaller incisions and making movements that would be impossible for a human hand. However, many surgeons lack experience using it on living subjects, leading to the influx of malpractice claims.