Amazon Employees File Back Pay Lawsuit

Online retail company Amazon is facing a lawsuit that could cost it upwards of $100 million.

metal detector theft prevention lawsuitThe company is being sued for back wages it refused to its warehouse employees. At the end of their shifts every day, Amazon forced these employees to wait in line for metal detectors when they were no longer on company time to prevent them from stealing goods. The suit claims that the workers should have been paid for this time since they were forced to remain at work for work-related purposes after their shifts were over.

It further contends that if Amazon had to pay these employees for the time they spent in its anti-theft lines, the company would have made a better effort to get them out in a timely fashion. As it stands, employees had to wait an inordinate amount of time to leave work after clocking out for the night.

Attorneys representing the Amazon employees estimate that this suit affects as many as 100,000 employees and plan to upgrade their case to the national level. If found liable, Amazon will have to pay back the employees for the time they lost.