Food Recalls at Taylor Farms

A recent outbreak of a food-borne pathogen has brought the focus on one of the largest vegetable producers in the US, although investigations turned up no evidence to confirm the company’s involvement in spreading the outbreak.

Taylor Farms voluntarily recalled their products from the US market when it was linked to the outbreak of cyclosporiasis in 22 states. It has resumed operations once it was found that the company followed standards of food safety and that it was unlikely that it was the source of the parasite Cyclospora cayetanensis. Taylor Farms fresh produce can be found in many major US groceries and supplies greens to several restaurant chains including Red Lobster and Olive Garden. No lawsuit has been filed, and the actual source of the contamination may well be environmental.

Because of the interest generated by the cyclosporiasis outbreak, Taylor Farms continue to come under close scrutiny. Food safety experts consider that three food recalls a year since 2011 was a bit excessive; once a year is considered standard. Company management points out that because of the size of the company, the frequency of the recalls is comparatively low. It was further explained that all of the recalls except for the last were preemptive moves when potential contamination is suspected or when an allergen may not have been declared in the list of ingredients.